THE DEF was created through my own experience, when I arrived in France I lost the habit of reading, because of the rush and mainly because of the language.

So I started to buy material in Portuguese for myself and to sell, including Bible school magazines for Brazilian churches, Bibles and Books. In addition to the Portuguese language, the advantage is that in Brazil we have more varieties of material than in France.

That kind of market is wider there and so people started looking for more and more. And that was the purpose that God gave me, to bring back the habit of reading and deepening in His word and occupying the minds of children interacting with materials that are really necessary.

Therefore, they are more than Brazilian products, they are durable products and an investment in a vast spiritual knowledge for every age group.
The name is the initials of a simple but objective phrase that I learned at the beginning of my walk with Jesus.

God is Faithful

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